RCS TZ43 Thermostat Problem

This most likely has to do with the thermostat and not vera but I thought I’d ask here since I know some of you own this tstat.

I have a Single Stage Heat Pump with Electrical Auxiliary Heat for Heating and Cooling… this heat pump has two zones (upstairs and downstairs) and the airflow is controlled to each zone by 2 dampers. These two dampers are controlled by a central zone controller. I have 2 RCS TZ43 Tstats which control the central zone controller. Probably more information that you guys need… but its a simple question… and possibly a programming error on behalf of RCS…

When I turn the A/C (Cool Mode) on in the upstairs zone it reads “Cool MRT” or “Cool On” in the display (this is expected)… my problem is right under the “Cool MRT” or “Cool On” the tsats reads “Aux Heat”… now why on earth would my tstat read “Aux Heat” while in the “Cool” mode!?

I want to make sure that my electrical auxiliary heating strips are not ACTUALLY on during this mode of operation… otherwise this thermostat will be wasting me hundreds of dollars! Is anyone else having this problem with the thermostat?!

Just an update if anyone has this same problem. I reset the tstat to defaults and powercycled it (removed display from wall plate) and the issue went away.

I spoke with RCS about this problem and they said under no circumstances should the Aux Heat display when in the “Cool” mode. They are taking note of the problem and are checking into how this could have happened… but it seems that a reset and powercycle fixed the issue for now… hopefully it is gone for good.


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