Raspberry Pi "integration"?

So let’s say I make a “Cool New Gadget” using a Raspberry Pi and a number of sensors/relays/etc. Now I would like to integrate this “Cool New Gadget” into my Ezlo Plus, so I can do things like “Turn off output B” and trigger off things like “Input A goes above 42” as devices on my Ezlo. This could show up as either the Raspberry Pi being a single device with potentially many values/switches/dimmers, or there could be multiple devices created for each input/output - either one could work.

Is this possible at all? If not, how close can I come, and how would I go about it? I’m pretty sure I can get the raspberry pi to trigger scenes via HTTP requests or the like, but that’s not quite the same thing.


Yes possible.
You can use our new “Plugin framework”…
we are waiting on the new UI to be finalized along with technical documentation so that you can use it.

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@melih I’d like to see it go further and have Ezlo run on a Raspi or other hardware that you use.

100% …it will!!!

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