Range (Kitchen) hood automation z-wave?

Hi All,

I am planning to automate my kitchen hood with two fan modes (low/high). The hood wiring is attached. The 3-terminals are for the fan (high/low/off) and the two terminals are for the lights.

I searched a lot in google, vera and smarthings but there is no specific example. Could I just use an in-wall smart switch like aeon or fibaro?


Not sure about the specific controller(s) that could be used but I think you will need two channels because you have three states.

Can you tell if there will be a fault current of both the Hi and Low are enabled at the same time. If so you should use a hi/low relay controlled by a Z Wave module of some sort. As I think it unwise to allow a fault state to occur is a control module does not react to a command.

I am not sure how to test this.

Looking at your switch photo, I would assume the following:

[ul][li]In the photo the fan switch is on the left and is likely a rocker switch. (Hi / Off / Lo)[/li]
[li]On the fan switch it looks to me that power comes into the center terminal.[/li]
[li]That would mean only one of the two outer connections can be connected at one time. Else you will short out part of the motor (not good)[/li][/ul]
I’ve attached a suggested wiring. Note Control 2 wiring. With a mechanical relay it will be impossible for the Hi and Lo connections to be made at the same time, so there is no worry about creating a fault condition if Vera misses a command.

Good Luck

Sorry for a year late reply. I just bought an enerwave double switch and a sptd relay. My current wiring is as below. When I toggle the z-wave switch, it seems it does not do anything. My range hood is still working with the manual buttons. I have two things that I am not sure:

  1. should the 120V and Common be connected to the load or aux terminals of the z-wave switch?

  2. Should I connect the common output of spdt to the off position of the range hood?