Randomly Dropping Devices

I had a relatively stable Vera Edge installation for several months. For the past 2-3 weeks, my VeraEdge has decided every few days to randomly drop a device from the network. This has been several different types of devices - switches, thermostats, relays, etc. No amount of attempting to reconfigure them has helped and I’ve had to go through the pain of removing them from the network, adding them back and then updating all of my scenes to point to the new device. It’s a huge pain and something that is completely unacceptable. Devices dropped don’t discriminate between those close to the controller or those far away. I know better than contacting Vera support as it takes two weeks to even try and get them to look at anything and by then they tell you that your log is too old and you should tell them the next time it happens.

Can anyone help? This stinks.

You can’t be helped. Only help is to contact MCV support. And my best guess is that this is one of the most familiar bugs of UI7. Good luck. I have the same problem and was promised a firmware update by MCV multiple times… but I am still waiting.