random zwave lock status change


I have a sevearl kwikset zwave locks in my system. I have one that appears to be randomly unlocking. Anyone else seen this? I think the Vera is doing it but I can’t see it in the logs.

Couple things.

  1. Is the lock physically unlocking or you only see this in the Vera interface?
  2. Check every scene or plugin that may control the lock. Do not assume this is not the case. Check and make sure (this is the number 1 cause of devices randomly doing something).
  • Garrett

Thanks for replying. It is actually unlocking. I’ll double check my scenes but I don’t have any that should be unlocking. The other weird part, which may not be related, is that next to my door I have inside and outside light switches. I do have a scene that when the sun sets the outside light turns on. I’m noticing that my inside light also turns on. In this case it’s almost like it’s confused about the zwave devices. I have rebuilt the network with no success to fix this issue. I don’t think this issue is related to the unlocking but it could be so I wanted to put that out there.

See this thread, it should be of interest.


  • Garrett