Random changes in VeraPlus UI7

Dear all,

Is anyone experiencing similar problems? Things are changing is my system without me (or anybody else) doing anything. Some examples:

  • a scene that was allowed to run from 6 am to 4 pm, suddenly was only allowed from 3 to 3:30 am
  • An IP camera suddenly had no longer a port number assigned
  • a PLEG device is no longer working (probably some setting I did not find yet that changed)

And various other devices that stopped suddenly because of some setting that changed.

Any ideas?

Hi Kristof,
Sorry to hear you’re having issues.The best way to get you sorted out is to send us a ticket to support@getvera.com

Experiencing a similar problem on a new VeraPlus running 1.7.2044. It seems the setting changes don’t stick.

1- Kwikset lock pin codes got wiped off on my locks. Not good! Luckily I was at home to open the door. Had to set the pins at least half a dozen times for the codes to stick. Understand that locks time to sync but this is with sepearate locks and I left each lock for about 5min after setting the pin each time.
2- Created a scene to trigger after sunset. Scene changed to “at sunrise”! Tried to set the scene again a few time to run after sunset but now it keeps switching back to “at sunset”

Never had these problems with the veralite which was running solid on UI7 before it completely died. It seems the veraplus is running into some serious race conditions with the faster processor.

I have a few things that are happening possibly due to one thing finishing before another but that’s an issue I have to figure out. As for things changing, I have had a few PLEG actions lose settings but I believe that’s due to PLEG upgrading. Not sure why it would lose settings though…

A version mismatch between the installed software and the Vera Firmware version can cause PLEG to look like settings are lost (because it can’t read them).

But once you get the right version installed … things will be back to working without any loss of data.