Rako Lighting control via RS-232 (RAV232)

Has anybody managed to control a Rako Lighting system with Vera through the RS-232 bridge RAV232 from Rako?

I have searched on Google and on this forum, but I have not been able to find any information.

So far I have managed to connect the RAV232 via a USB to RS232 cable to my VeraLite. The RS232 connection seems to be recognized by Vera and shows on the Apps/Develop Apps/Serial Port Configuration section.

I guess the next step would to create a plugin or modify one of the RS232 plugins to work with the Rako system (the commands are fairly simple), but unfortunately I am newbie and don’t have any experience with LUUP. ???

Is anybody else facing the same situation?

I had thought that would be nice but it seems nobody else does!
If you got anywhere with this I would be interested, if not I suppose I will have to think about biting the bullet and replacing with Fibaro dimmers.