Rainsensor TFA 30.3233 CurrentTRain not correct

I recently bought a new rainsensor to replace my Oregon that died en is not available anymore…
The new one is a TFA 30.3233 Also called TFA Drop. It is on the list of integrated devices of RFXcom (Pro2 protocol, newest firmware). But my RFXcom on this firmware did not recognize this sensor. I could receive the raw data.
I reported this to RFXcom and Bert (the owner) made some adaptions and sent me a beta firmware version. And now I can receive the data of this sensor (with Hideki protocol enabled). Via the RFXcom manager software I can see two figures: flip count and total rain. Where total rain is flipcount x 0,254 mm (this is the resolution of this sensor).
The subtype of this sensor is RAIN9 ( the Oregon was subtype RAIN3)

I can also receive data from this sensor via the RFXcom plugin on my VeraPlus. But the numbers are not correct. CurrentTRain shows a number that is equal to flipcountx0,1 mm.
So the plugin calculates with the wrong resolution. I can understand it because I also have read somewhere the resolution is 0.1 mm. But it really is 0,254 mm.

@tinman: can you please check this and adapt it in the plugin.
I can make a workaround via Reactor and calculate the right amounts of rain but I think it’s better to directly correct this in the plugin.
Awaiting your reaction,

Can you tell me the altid of your rain sensor? You can see it in the Advanced page of the sensor in the Vera UI.

Hi @Tinman,

The altid is: RS/R9/15206

And is the RFXtrx plugin set to display in inches or millimeters?

It is set in milimeters

I just downloaded the latest firmware. I have a LaCrosse rain gauge that looks exactly like the TFA model you have. I hope it’s uses the same hardware and protocol. I’ll be trying it later this week.

Okay so you have this one:

Hardware is indeed exactly the same.
I’m very curious if you have this one already connected to your RFXcom and also working in your Vera ?
And does CurrentTrain match with the figures on the display belonging to the sensor ?

When I purchased this late last year I was hoping the transceiver would recognize it but it did not. So currently it is not connected to my RFXtrx. I hope that the latest firmware will fix that. I’ll let you know.

Okay, I sent an email to Bert Weyenberg to ask him if this Lacrosse 724-1409 is also supported in the newest rfxcom firmware (1044)

I’ve had my RFXtrx433XL with version 1044 firmware connected to RFXmngr for several hours. I only have the Hideki, TFA, Cresta, UPM protocol enabled. So far I’ve seen no messages appear. I’m assuming that the LaCrosse rain gauge sensor transmits whether it’s raining or not.

No the TFA transmits continuously, I think every minute or even faster. Hideki protocol enabled.
So the Lacrosse behaves different. When connected to rfxmngr put undec on. Then you will see the raw data of the lacrosse. If you want it integrated please contact Rfxcom (Bert). Based on the raw data he probably can make it work.

How fast and good is this rainsensor? Is it only usable to measure how many water has fallen? Of will it react also after just a few drops?

The resolution of this one is only 0,255 mm. My former Oregon had a resolution of 1,1 mm. Do this one registers rain a lot faster. But not after a few drops.

Thanks for this information.

I need help with this sensor.
RFX and Vera detect this sensor without problems. After several testings I have reset the whole device (display and rain device / battery “change”) but I always get a value CurrentTRain=6552.6
I can find this value also @RFX → managed devices → Rain sensor → 6552.6mm -48dBm 100%
but I don’t know why.
With a look to the raw data I can see the correct values

Current rain rate: 0.00 mm/hr
In the last 60 minutes: 0.00 mm
In the last 24 hours: 0.00 mm
In the last 7 days: 0.00 mm
In the last 12 months: 0.00 mm

What is the value behind CurrentTRain? Is this the amount of rain in summary? How can I change this value or the visbility of this value?
If I implement a widget in Imperihome, I can select current rain and the smount of rain only… Can I select other values for example? In Vera I can see many values like daily rain, monthly rain, minute rain etc…how can I use these values instead of the currentTRain? Or how can I delete the currentTRain value? I deleted the whole device in Vera, but I always get the same 6552.6mm value after adding and device resetting…any idea?
Thanks. :slight_smile:

In addition, the values differs between display and vera (it seems its the same issue see first posting) → 0,254mm

I have one of these devices but haven’t been using it - it doesn’t seem to transmit with enough power to reach my RFXtrx antenna. I may change the location of the sensor or antenna to deal with this. But I did just now experiment with it. I have noticed that after resetting by changing the battery, the first reading (currentTRain) does translate to 6552.6. I don’t understand why this happens. It is not something to do with the plugin code. As a binary value the first reading sent after reset translates to -10. This may be how the display unit for the sensor recognizes that the sensor has been reset. I’ll look at the plugin code to see what I can do about this.
BTW - I guess you know that when you change batteries the ID of the sensor changes so the Vera device will no longer get data from the sensor. You can delete the existing device and create a new one or discover the new ID of the sensor.

Thanks for information and help :slight_smile: .
I did it. I tried it several times. Old ID deleted and created the device with a new ID, but the problem still exists.
If I overwrite all values manual the same 6552.6 value fetched after signal transmitting… but it’s strange. The issue does not appear while first using of this device - it appears after a reset…the very first usage was okay…