“Quota Exceeded “

What does “ quota exceeded “ mean? I get it more often than not loading ezlogic page

Hello @BillC,

I checked your account and I couldn’t replicate that error message. Can you tell me what do you do on Ezlogic when receiving the message?

Most of the time when I launch the ezlogic page

Just did it again

@BillC I did the test from an iOS device using Safari and I didn’t get the error message either.

Can you clear your browser’s cache? You can also try using another browser.

It does it on my pc and my phone. Both on chrome by the way.
Hitting reload seems to trigger it

Hi @BillC , unfortunately, we have not been able to replicate said bug. We have created a support ticket in order to assist you further so you will receive an email from our team shortly.

Thank you!