Quiet Time

Have set quiet time start and stop times. Checked Time schedule and then returned to my alerts screen. When I go back to settings I see the quiet time box checked also which over rides the schedule. What am I missing here. Only want queit time on a schedule. Thanks

When an Alert comes in … it checks the schedule …
If the schedule is enabled and calls for Quite Time … it Sets the Quite Time CheckBox.
If the schedule is enable and calls for Audible notification … it Clears the Quite Time CheckBox.

If the Quite Time Check Box is checked … the Alert is muted.

Thanks for the explanation. Works great.

May of jumped the gun here. Start time is set 9:00 PM Stop time set 7:00 AM It is now 6:00 PM and the voice announcements are not coming through. Looking at setup both the quiet time and quiet time schedule have become checked.

Another update

7:45 P.M voice announcement coming through :slight_smile:
6:00 A.M. voice announcement blocked (that’s good)

7:15 A.M voice announcement coming through

Seems to be working now , I hope

Appears Not

5:00 PM announcement blocked. Ready to give up