Quick Foscam question...UI4

Yes, I’m still stuck back in the dark ages. Bought Homeware yesterday, got it set up on the iPad in 30 minutes. Will try the phone when I get home from work today. Everything works great, even though I know UI4 is not officially tested/supported, with one exception. We have a Foscam that works fine with the UI4 console, and works okay with Square Connect (which we are finally giving up on). Our V2 is using a hand-customized I/D file to talk to the camera, and I suspect that is why I see nothing in HW when I tap on the control–I get the preset buttons, pan/tilt buttons, but no image.

Looking back through camera discussions here, it’s clear this has worked well for others forever. Should I just be using the UI4 Generic IP Camera plugin?


Moot point…I went ahead and “upgraded” the V2 to UI5, and I get camera streaming on the Homewave device screens just fine. Now need to battle past the UI5 config to get a proper PTZ fileset used for the camera. I can’t delete it and reinstall it (yet). But we’re over this hump.

Lovely app.