Quick Action From Tile Behavior

In the existing app if a device had a single on/off like action i would automatically execute that when clicking on a device tile. This was pretty much hardcoded to lights and door locks if i remember right. In the newest version the quick action functionality is a bit more robust and isn’t really limited like that. Does anyone have a preference on how it should work moving forward in regards to clicking a tile? A few options

  • Detect that there is only one defined quick action available and execute it only in that scenario
  • Always run the selected or default quick action for a device that has them
  • Make device quick actions from tiles be something the user has to turn on for a device in settings
  • Something else…

I really like it, just how it is now. So that would be the option: Auto detecting and being able to choose in the settings. But apparently doesn’t always work. I have a ping sensor and it only shows the invert option, not the arm option.

It doesn’t show because i hadn’t got around to normalizing the data. Now the quick actions are service meta data so if a device can have that service defined those options will be available… I’ll be doing the same with indicators most likely as well. I’m also adding the ability to turn off the quick action on a per-device basis by selecting “None”

Here’s the final behavior at this time for quick actions and indicators. I have predefined indiators and quick actions at the service level. This means if the service is attached to the device metadata those options will be available.

  • Default behavior will be to use the first indicator or quick action in the list sorted alpha, if nothing selected
  • If something is selected it will use that
  • Selecting None will disable the feature