Hi Akbooer,

I?m guessing the logic and a lot of the programming for the Netatmo weather station plugin would be similar to what would be need for creating a plugin for the Netatmo healthy home coach. Have you ever thought of creating a plugin for the Netatmo healthy home coach?

I’m not familiar with the product.

From what I can tell from the developers’ website here Netatmo Connect | Documentation, there appears to be a common API. It just appears to be a somewhat cut-down version of the weather station?

The latest plugin releases on GitHub GitHub - akbooer/Netatmo: Netatmo plugin for Vera uses their latest API spec, so it may just work, but I really have no idea whether or not it does.

Netatmo healthy home coach looks to be the indoor module from the weather station with the weather station core. For the Netatmo weather station the core is hosted in the outdoor module and the indoor module will not function without the outdoor module being powered on.

For setting up indoor environmental controls in vera most people only need the indoor Temperature, Humidity and CO2 data that is why I was looking at the Netatmo healthy home coach.

I?ll order a Netatmo healthy home coach and give it a try with the latest plugin and see what happens.

Thank you for your feed back

I’m happy to try and help with any problems you run into. Because of the authorization protocol it would be easy for you to set up access for me to debug. I have done this previously for others, with weather station modules that I don’t have on my own system.

If it’s just an indoor module, I don’t see any reason for the existing code not to work (famous last words!)

Alternatively, it may be that Vera’s native Netatmo support will work for this too.


Did anyone have any luck getting the Netatmo Home Coach working with Vera?

I have tried the weather plugin, but I can’t get it to work, this could be down to configuration or I am missing a trick somewhere. Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,


A quick look at the Netatmo developers website seems to indicate that it is part of their ‘enterprise’ API, which is not the same as the weather station. But I might be wrong.

Hi Akbooer,

Did you manage to have any luck getting the Netatmo Home Health Coach working with your plug in.

I have tried everything to get mine working but now at a loss.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


I haven’t tried, because I haven’t got one. I know it won’t work without modification because, as mentioned previously, the API is somewhat different.