Question on zwave pri/secon status and mobile interface

  1. Can vera be shifted from secondary (slave) status to primary no an existing network. In other words I included vera into an existing network and it picked up all the nodes from my primary and controls everything perfectly but now I can’t include a lock since my existing primary doesn’t support it and vera won’t do it unless it’s the primary in the network. Can I shift vera from secondary to primary in order to give it control of the network to allow me to include the lock?

  2. I noticed that from the new smartphone interface on an iphone by going to I can see my wayne dalton thermostat and change some of the setting cool, heat, fan and so on but I can’t change the coolpoint or heatpoint. So I can turn it on/off but I can’t change the temperature setting.




I’d really like to shift primary control to vera if anyone know how to get it done?

I’d also like to control the A/C setpoint from the smartphone interface?

Has anyone else seen either one of these needs?



This primary shift will depend on the current primary.
If that primary supports transfer of primary role the answer is Yes.

#1 - As usual, ZMistro is correct, and all of the documentation contained in MCV’s online Wiki pages suggests Vera is geared for shifting her “Primary” role away to another controller … and no mention is made of shifting it back to Vera.

If you discover the steps involved (even if it’s unique to your other Z-Wave controller), by all means, share them here.

#2 - Yes, I agree it would be nice to have the temperature setting available on any/all of the mobile interfaces, something that’s currently lacking. I’m quite sure I’ve seen this request elsewhere on the forum, and believe MCV is working to accommodate such changes in forthcoming firmware updates.

One day, it will all be perfect!

Thanks for the reply.

I will try to transfer primary from my current controller to vera and advise if I can get it to work. It hasn’t really been an issue until now since I need to include the Schlage lock which my current primary doesn’t support.

As for including the Schlage lock, I hope the process goes as smoothly for you as it did for me.

Here’s a link to the wiki about all the procedures involved:

Good luck!