Question about battery devices Z-wave routing in latest versions


I have a second controller that I use just for Sonos and heating control, because I determined that these 2 things were causing intermittent reboots of my primary device. I have a bunch of Danfoss TRVs and some of them are quite far from the controller, so I added in an Aeotec range extender. PRoblem is I can not for the life of me get them to route through it, or at least, when I check routing via AltUI they never show connected to the extender. I know in latest Z-Wave chip you cant even force a manual route, so am wondering if anyone knows how this should work? Do the battery devices even have the capability to choose a different route?
Posted this in heating forum as well so sorry if anyone is seeing twice but wasnt sure where best to get an answer.

Battery devices will use the route, if they think it’s the best one. The issue may be that they think that the direct link to Vera is better than the routed link and that may not be the actual case.

I’d suggest you try relocating the extender. What may seem to your eye to be the obvious best location may not be to radio signals.

You may also try relocating Vera. Closer would eliminate the need for the extender. Further away would decrease the chance of the devices choosing a direct path to Vera and increase the likelihood that they’ll choose the route through the extender.

Note: Make sure that you include the extender into the same network(Vera1) as the TRVs you’re trying to get them to route. Only devices in the same Z-Wave network(Vera1) will route through the extender. If you include the extender into the other Vera2, devices will NOT route through it.

Ok that’s helpful thanks. Is there any way that I can determine whether the battery devices even know that the extender route exists? I am not clear on how the latest z-wave chip manages this. On the old Vera and z-wave you could influence it but seems that is not possible now?

Do we know for sure if AutUI is even showing the current routes and not some old remnant of what Vera thinks is the route when Vera could control the routing?

I had some problems and I can tell you I initiated the heal from AltUI. After the heal was done I had devices not responding but responding to polls then coming back as not responding. I pulled the plug on the VeraLite and everything came up good. I did this because of routing problems, inconsistent lock notifications and slow responses from a battery sensor 15 ft away from the controller.

At this time my system is now quite rock solid. The door lock scene triggers faster and the sensor responds better too. This was done before the upgrade.

I did notice before the upgrade that AltUI’s network quality and other graphs didn’t look so good and didn’t pick up devices. Now they are present after the heal and all before the firmware upgrade.

The heal may be a risk and I caution you to use at your own risk but this cured me and I’m very happy of my results. So just a consideration since manual routing is no longer an option.

***Update - and for the sonos/reboots of your primary device I think there are threads relating to Upnp being the source or part of that issue. I don’t have Sonos so I just occasionally see the postings.

I did try a couple of heals from AltUI but did not seem to change the routing. That said, I am not sure whether AltUI is showing the entire picture.