Qubino Flush thermostat not working


Just installed Qubino Flush on/off thermostat. It’s connected to electric floor heating.
It’s included in Vera Edge and shows as HWAC Zone thermostat. It shows room temperature correctly, but it doesn’t turn heating on.
Room temperature is 16C and requested is 20C and mode is heating. Still nothing happens and also power reading from Qubino is zero.
I have checked thermostat wire connections and those seems to be ok.
How this should be debugged?


I have the qubino thermostat controlling electric underfloor heating as well, initially I had the same problem but I managed to get it going in the end. The thermostat basically only seems to work when the mode is auto BUT seems to take it setpoint from the Heat mode temperature. To get it working I have a scene that turns the mode to heat and temp 28degrees and then 10s later turns the mode to Auto with temperature again at 28degrees. To turn it off I have another scene that sets the mode to Heat @15degrees then 10s later turns to Auto @10 degrees.

This method has now been working perfectly for me for about a year, I control whether or not the heating underfloor heating is on or not based on the temperature reading from my multisensor and all has been well.

Hope this helps. Mitch


Thanks for reply and good info.
I was hoping that these would work without that kind of tinkering. I planned to replace all of my thermostats with these. I have 12 thermostats so I would need too many scenes and it would not be nice after all.

Would it be possible to modify some model xml file to make this working as expected?

Was this ever resolved.
I have 13 zones i would like to install these on and do not want to include multiple scenes for each room. It will get messy rather quickly


At least for me this hasn’t been solved.

I can set temperature manually with first setting temperature with heat mode and then change to auto mode.

I would like to get rid of auto and cool modes. And be able to easily set temperature. I’m not sure whether we should blame Qubino or Vera for not getting things right.
But I’m currently considering replace Vera with something else to see if grass is really more green at the other side.

If somebody just could give some advices or even hope that this could work just fine someday…

Thanks for the reply.
Basically then i will have to hold off replacing my thermostats for in the wall hidden ones.

Gutted really as theres alot to gain from including heating zones into Vera


From: Marko Danevčič m.danevcic@goap.si
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2016, 12:09
Subject: RE: Qubino Contact form-NEW

Dear Nick,

Thank you very much for buying Qubino products.

This has been recently solved, but I don?t know if it is already included in latest Vera FW (you should ask Mios support). We have our own gateway based on Vera and in our FW it works (means you choose Heat mode and it remains in Heat mode working on chosen set point).

Please, let me know if you need more help.

Best regards/Lep pozdrav,

Marko Danevcic