qubino Flush On/Off Thermostat

And so I suffer with the thermostat.
Maybe I don’t understand something.
The thermostat in the vera set.
To the output Q and N I hooked up the load of the fan.
Created the scene ,changing the temperature to turn on or off.
It goes from “off” mode to “auto” and Vice versa.
And the relay does not turn off
Not recommend something?


Hi Alex,

My apology for keeping you wait with my reply.

I can confirm that current version of Flush ON/OFF Thermostat is not compatible with Vera gateway.
But we are planing to send them the device for integration.
If you want to I can let you know when Flush ON/OFF Thermostats will be integrated correctly.

Best regards/Lep pozdrav,

In fact it works, but need a little tweaking as in the thread I pointed: you can’t easily turn it on or off (but it can be done via scene) and if you want to set temperature via scene you need to do it via lua (surprisingly, everything: changing mode and temperature, works perfectly in house modes section).

But except that, works (turns on/off heating according to desired temperature, etc.)

Are there intentions to integrate the newer version into vera? The edler version runs only showing off and auto which doesn’t work (workaround with advanced scenes works) but newer does nothing but endless configuring

elder: znmhid1
newer: znmkid1

The only thing that keeps me from moving away form vera if these will work properly some day. Otherwise i have to look to a different system.

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