Qubino Flush 2 relays temperature sensor and VeraEdge


I installed a Qubino Flush 2 Relays module together with the temperature sensor, but I am having problems getting to read the temperature in Vera.

I installed the Aditional temperature device, but I don’t have any temperature reported.

I also uploaded the I_iDoorContact-auto.xml and set it as the impl_file for the new temperature sensor device, and now I have two more temperature devices available. One is reporting corectly the temperature from the Fibaro motion sensor, and the second reports 0 degrees as the temperature sensor for the flush 2 relays.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Alex

To get th temperature to report correctly.
Exclude the Qubino from the Vera, and disconnect it from power.
Connect the temperature sensor.
Power up the Qubino
Include it in the network.

Basically the sensor must be attached before the relay has power and before it is included in the network.