Qubino Flush 2 relay & Vera Plus

Hi there,

I’m in for some expert advice since google is not giving me any good answers.

When hooking up Z-wave product to my new Vera Plus everything goes kinda well (not very happy with the response time of the Aeotec 6 in 1 sensor but thats another discussion). The fun starts when I add the Qubino Flush 2 Relay.

What is the problem? When adding the Qubino device via the wizard it does find it (eventually) and add’s 2 “_Appliance Module” and one generic device (I assume the Temp. meter).

But as soon as I want to switch on or off the Appliance Module’s (to test the relay) it gives me the message (after trying 4-5 times) that it can’t find the node

To me it feels like a communication error rather than a hardware problem, but since I’m new to Z-Wave & Vera I have no idea where to start bug fixing.

Are there people who have experienced the same problem? And is there a possible solution?

Further information:

  • It’s the first Z-wave product, which I connect, that somehow doesn’t communicate its vendor name etc.
  • The Qubino module lays (physically) next to the Vera unit (so range can’t be the issue)
  • I’ve connected it to a 220V power input
  • I’m running Vera on firmware version 1.7.1754

Thanks for looking at this!

Try rebooting your VeraPlus. I had a Qubino flush 2 relay plus device that gave me the “Cant detect device” message and a reboot cleared it for me. Is this a Qubino Plus device or a old generation device? Do you have a temp sensor attached to it?

Hi There,

Thanks for your answer.

Yesterday I’ve managed to get the Qubino Relay working (Quite unexpected).

In my case the following actions did the trick:

  • Deleted the device
  • Reset Z-Wave chip
  • Reload Engine

Thanks for your response!