Q: Anyone use a Sonoff Mini?

Has anyone used a Sonoff Mini switch? Looks interesting and much cheaper than the Aeotec…

" SONOFF Mini Two Way Smart Switch 10A AC100-240V Works with Amazon Alexa Google Home Assistant Nest Supports DIY Mode Allows to Flash the Firmware" - from Banggood…

…and from the manufaturer: https://www.itead.cc/sonoff-mini.html

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Not specifically, but I have a couple of sonoff flashed with Tasmota and a couple of Shellies.
I also developed a plugin to work with these devices. MiOS Apps

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Yes i recently added 4 in my system when i get time i will reflash these using DIY jumper. They work well and are well made. They work with toggle switch with no issues. If i use momentary switch it works but has some glitches. I paid £5.15 delivered from uk on ebay.