Python library for interaction with Vera


If anyone is interested, I’ve created a project to support interaction with the Vera over local/direct and remote/relay. This is a Python v2 library, and I’m using it on Linux. New, alpha quality, but it works for me in managing the scenes on my Vera.



Great job on the Python library for Vera!
I’m wondering if I can use this library to update the values from the sensors connected to Vera to a custom cloud solution using Amazon IoT.
Can you run custom code on Vera to POST message on a web server?


Nice job!
Perfect timing too as I’m right about to start implementing a presence check using ibeacons and a rPi!

Finally got some time to work on my project, and I’ve had to correct a few minor issues in your library. I’ll have a pull request or three for you in a few hours.

Edited to add: You’ve done a very good job by the way!

Finally sent the pull request. There’s a few more changes in my fork, including a new device type. Not ready for that to be merged across yet.

Can this be made to work with the VirtualSwitch plugin? I want to read the state of the virtual switch, but it seems to ignore the “Interfaces & Misc Devices” category.