Pushover Offline?

My last notification was at 7:47 am EDT this morning. No notifications since even when forced in the VeraAlerts plug-in. I tried visting their website, https://pushover.net/, and I get:

Anyone else experiencing the outage? I hope they did not suddenly go out of business.

I am still getting all my notifications. Last one was an hour ago so no I don’t think they are down.

Not coming up here either.

It may be a local DNS issue in the central Ohio area - damn Spectrum. We had power outage earlier in the week for 20 minutes and since then, my download speeds have slowed from around 20 mbps to around 5 mbps. Has not really affected me - until now. I will investigate and report back.

Where in the world are you legend999.

Https://blog.pushover.net is accessible. They may be having a webserver problem…

Good to know, thanks.

Found information on Twitter:

I’ll report back when back up.

Notifications started working again at 11:08 am EDT.