Pushover 3.0 for iOS adds support for images - how to use it ?

Hi there guys, just got an update for Pushover and it says that it supports image attachments now.
I am now using Push bullet but for iOS it doesn’t work correctly(no push notifications), and it would be great to use only one app for bot features.

Does anyone know how to use image attachment feature or Pushover ?


I tried playing around with various combinations of the {attachment} and {Picture(XXX)} templates, but to no avail. I’m assuming this would likely take an update to VeraAlerts to support the new Pushover 3.0 API somehow, but just a guess.


Just a fast note if anyone is still following this.

I made this work using the pushover Email gateway function. When my driveway sensor is triggered it sends a series of notifications with pictures. Works very well and the images show right up in the notification list. (like the picture on the pushover website)


I hope you this works for you.