Push notifications on Ezlo plus

Setting up an Ezlo plus for a family member. Have a leak sensor, when I trigger it, the alerts show in Vera, but no push is received.

Do you need the Mios app instead of Vera app? I checked all Iphone settings and nothing is out of order, but the push never makes it to the phone.

Its a little different with Ezlo. Create a meshbot on the Ezlogic.mios.com web site that is local on your controller. Set up the trigger conditions as you like then in the actions set up a notification. Pretty straightforward. It’s just easier to edit these “scenes” Meshbots from a browser than a phone screen.

Hello @gocart879 ,

Thank you for contacting Ezlo’s technical support.

In the process of upgrading the scene creation and automation capabilities in your Vera app, we’ve discovered that a few other users are having this same issue. I apologize for the disruption and am here to help you get this issue resolved.

The new scene-generating automation tool is called EZLogic, a powerful new feature — with a straightforward interface — that will allow you to quickly integrate and automate new devices as you add them to your current home automation system.

  • To access EZlogic go to ezlogic.mios.com (using your web browser)
  • Sign in with the same username and password you’ve been using to access your Ezlo controller in the Vera Mobile app

Click HERE for instructions

These notifications can be set up by using the following options:

  • Automation MeshBot - Cloud
  • Notification MeshBot

Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Create a “Notification MeshBot”: Purpose built Worker to handle Notification only.
Create a MeshBot and select this

then add your Trigger: whatever you want it to be…
then add your Action. Action is how you will receive your notification, you can choose, email, Push etc and create your own messages, html etc etc.

Thanks, I was in the right area. I added it in at first but it did not work. I went back and added again, setting device, water leak == true and configured the push to the user.

It is now working. I dont know why now, but its working. Appreciate it.