Push notifications not working

I stopped receiving push notifications from vera edge units at two different locations this week. I don’t see any errors in the logs. I just ran a test from Chrome using the following url to send a manual test message (https://homewave.dreamhosters.com/push/push.php?pushdevice=my_device_id&message=testing&sound=homewave) and I get the following:
2020-12-27T18:18:24-08:00 Found cert:
2020-12-27T18:18:24-08:00 Connecting to gateway.push.apple.com:2195 for:homewave
2020-12-27T18:18:25-08:00 Failed to connect: 0
2020-12-27T18:18:25-08:00 - Contact device with token:[TOKEN] on app:homewave
2020-12-27T18:18:25-08:00 Sending message 0 to ‘[TOKEN]’, payload: ‘{“aps”:{“alert”:“testing”,“sound”:“homewave.wav”}}’
2020-12-27T18:18:25-08:00 No connection to APNS

Note that I removed the token value in case that is specific to my devices.

Is the push notification service down? Expired certificate perhaps? I vaguely recall this happening last year around this time.