Push Notification stopped working


From y’day onwards, i stopped getting push notification on my iphone. I checked the automator.app in my iphone and its connecting to mios.com successfully.

I also tried to test the push notification on your website, it error’d out.


ERRORexception ‘Unauthorized’ in /home4/automba4/public_html/push/urbanairship.php:105 Stack trace: #0 /home4/automba4/public_html/push/urbanairship.php(176): Airship->_request(‘https://go.urba…’, ‘POST’, ‘{“aps”:{“alert”…’, ‘application/jso…’) #1 /home4/automba4/public_html/push/notify.php(52): Airship->push(Array, Array) #2 {main}

Appreciate your help!


Same problem here! Anyone has a clue?


Is this something just the 3 of us are experimenting or does anybody knows if this not longer going to work and need to try an alternative? I really liked the way push notifications worked with this app.


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I’ve already given up and moved to the Push Notification plug-in using Pushover. It took a little work to modify my scenes, PLEG actions etc., but it works very well with my iOS, OS X and Android devices. :slight_smile:

Could you please submit support tickets regarding notification not working at http://support.getvera.com/customer/portal/emails/new to be sure that Tech Support and the Dev Team are aware of the problem.

Any time you come across something not working correctly please submit a support ticket, don’t assume that someone else already has. If we don’t know it’s broken we can’t fix it.


This is not a Vera problem; it’s an automator.app issue. Their push notifications have stopped working FROM THEIR WEBSITE too, not just from Vera.

Notifications generated from other Vera plug-ins are working fine.

thanks @racarter.


The automator plugin is sending the messages but they are not delivered onto the app. Have updated plugin, seems to work, possible IOS apps fault?

Our underlying push service pulled the rug out from us. Sorry to say but development of Automator is pretty much dead and this was a big nail in the coffin.

Vera Alerts provided many options on the IOS platform for push notification …
Pushbullet, Prowl, and PushOver.

Thanks for swift reply. I’ve activated push notification in my Homewave app. :smiley:

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