Push Notification plugin stopped working on Vera Plus

I have an app installed on my Vera Plus controller called Push Notification. I have used it for more than 10 years. On November 1 of last year, it stopped working. Has anyone else had the same problem? When I search for some similar threads in the forum, I get 50 threads from many years ago, but nothing more recent than 2016.

The app version is 0.99
My controller firmware is 1.7.5186 (7.31), the latest as of 2/10/24.

I checked the log and it says: JobHandler_LuaUPnP::RunAction device 15 action urn:upnp-org:serviceId:IOSPush1/SendPushOverNotification failed with -911/Device not ready

When I look at the device on the controller, and I try to save a different setting like “Add Vera serial to subject” and hit save, it appears to save, but when I go back and check the settings a little later, it was not saved. It does have the correct User Key, but I am also unable to change it.

I prefer to keep using Pushover, if possible, because I can call it from Luup code and customize the notifications. I also put variables into the notification.

Any help is appreciated.

Edit: I have a message at the top of the controller page that says " Push Notification[15] : Startup Lua Failed"

I am not familiar with this particular Push Notifications plugin, as I never used it.

However do you remember changing anything before it stopped working?

I assume the key you refer to is an API key for PushOver platform / service?

Lua Startup errors are usually quite serious and means the plugin or lua code in question failed to load up properly.

It might be related to the PushOver service changing their website / API stuff at their end and maybe thus breaking the Vera pkugin for it, that is always a possibility with these kind of integrations.