Push Notification not getting se ntfrom Vera Edge but the test from Pushover website works

Hi Again,

I haven’t received Pushover notifications for over a year. However, when I log into the Pushover website and do a test , I get a notification.
Mu controller shows 0 notifications being sent and I paid a fee years ago to get this to work at that time.

Are you using VeraAlerts to send the alerts to Pushover? Try looking in that plug-in to figure out why alerts are not being sent. Working great here.

'm not using VeraAlerts because I have an IPhone and the Vera Alerts says its for Aindroids.

I have been using VeraAlerts to push alerts from Vera to Pushover, and use the Pushover app for those alerts on my 2 iPhones for quite a number of years with no issues. According to my license, I purchased VeraAlerts on 2/10/17.

If you changed Veras, your license is tied to that controller. I switched from a Vera 3 to a Vera Plus last fall. Rather than ask Richard to move my license, I just purchased another license for the new controller. This also allows my Vera 3 to be a backup controller.

If Pushover is working, I suspect something is not working with VeraAlerts. VeraAlerts should not care what the Pushover specific target devices are.


Thank you for your reply. I will install Vera Alerts and then a new license from Richard.



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