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Good afternoon all,
I’m trying to get started with the Google Calendar switch. I went through all the steps of setting up the Google API and such, but then I opened up the installation and initial setup PDF, and on the first page, it talks about Using iCal Calendars, which is really what I’m trying to start with. The calendar I want to use has the US Public (Federal) holidays on it, which I want to use for scheduling lighting events in my house and such. If the Gcal switch is true for an event (holiday), then lights will turn on later in the morning. If not, it’ll observe the default schedule.

So, I’m really not clear if I still need to use the g3cal3.json file I created. I added the URL of the iCal I used into the Calendar ID. At first, it seemed to work correctly. It’s telling me there are no further events for today. However, I start getting “retry” notices, and then it goes back to no further events. Is this normal behavior?

I also don’t see where it stores the URL I entered anywhere.

Am I doing this right?

If you are using a iCal that you have included in your google calendar - then you need google credentials.

If you are directly accessing an ical e.g.
Then you do not need credentials.

Having said that - I just noticed a problem. Vera have altered the way they handle edits to string variables in the Advanced --> Variables tab. Their string handling is screwed up.

To get events like holidays (which have different names) then gc_Keywords should be blank. The vera UI was not passing a blank string. I have no idea when this started. I have made some minor code changes to work around this.

Upload the attached file and see if it solves the problem.

As a side note - for issues like these - it is best to include the url you are trying to read as an ical and a log file (with gc_debug set to 3)
This is especially true for ical - since ical implementations vary quite a bit. It’s not really a “standard” but more a set of options (in some aspects) and I do not try to implement all variations.

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