pst02-1a sent notifications by default, not configured.

I added the pst02-1a 4-in-1 sensor, which went fine.
So I added a simple scene to test it: door/window (so with the magnet) open when armed, then turn on a lamp.
This works fine, but… I get a notification via Vera by sms and email, but this is nowhere configured.

I looked at the scene, and the device settings, but nothing is configured to sent a notification.

Why of why does this happen? And how do I turn this off?

In Vera there is a default account, with that account I can disable the option to get notifications by sms/email.
If I uncheck them, I don?t get the notifications any more. But from all the other devices I have, not anyone sents a notification
when it?s triggered, so why does then happen with this sensor?

I have the same problem with my motion sensor (Everspring SP103). The mail notification works, but I don’t want that notification.
So I think that in the parameter settings there must be an value to change but…

Found one solution:

Go to dashboard > My modes > disable notification settings:
“Who should be notified ?
Choose who you would like to be notified in the event a sensor is tripped or doors or windows are opened.”

Great! Indeed. Never saw that, but sensors do notify by default.
I disabled it there, as I use Vera Alerts with pushover.