psst - have I got a deal for you

I just purchased some Intermatic HA02C appliance modules four $21 each and Intermatic HA04C outdoor modules for $13 each through Amazon. The actual dealer’s name is eslingo.

I also bought a bunch of these discontinued switches, dimmers and controllers for similar prices from this seller. Very satisfied with the $$ and service! ;D

The 3rd party prices look pretty high on right now. I actually found a better deal at – a 6-pack of HA02C appliance modules for $99, use discount code ZWAVE1 for 15% off that, and after shipping (~$9), it came out to ~$16 per unit. [url=][/url]

Fast shipping, and they were all in the retail blister packs.

They also have the in-wall receptacle 6-pack for the same price.

I would love to know why Z-wave light switches are so expensive. I know they need the zwave technology in them, but beyond that they appear to be little more than a relay, so why are they so much more expensive than some of the other z-Wave kit?

mtf: I agree, most of these modules cost 10 times the price of a non zwave equivalent, adding a low power radio and a bit of electronics shouldn’t cost that much more, as a rule prices come down on items as the volume of sales goes up but a few technologies have priced themselves out of the market and disappeared because they tried to squeeze too much profit from early sales, hope zwave doesn’t sink itself this way, I love what it can do when it works but between incompatibilities, problems and price they may never get to critical mass if they are not careful

There are a lot of factors that go into the price of a product. They have to cover the cost of R&D which can go into the tens of millions, advertising, liscense fees (to Lutron) not to mention the cost of the Z-Wave developers kit.

ASIHome: thats true of course and I understand those market realities, just that new technologies have to be practical about how and when to recoup thier costs, squeeze too hard too early and you get passed by some competitor, especially if you never get the product refinement necessary for mass adoption.