Proper configuration of Ping Sensor Plugin

Hi all,
I am able to manually ping a device on my local network through my router and using IE, but the MIOS PING Sensor does not seem to register any change of the device variable “status” [see pic]. It’s quite likely I simply do not correctly understand how to configure it. I was trying to set it such that it would ping every 20 minutes and after 3 failures it would change the variable status. My hope is that I can use this such that when the device is down for a short period [no more than an hour] of time it will execute a script which cycles the devices power via a zwave switch.

Any assistance is appreciated.

I just setup the Ping Sensor on my system so I will take a stab at explaining the basic setup. Can’t help you with the 3 failures part just yet.

  1. Ensure you know the IP address of the item you want to ping.

  2. Put that IP address in “address” under Settings.

  3. Click on “Save and Reload”

  4. I always refresh the page after entering data into Vera and that seems to help.

  5. After the page refreshes, Open the Ping Sensor, Select “Advanced” and “Variables”, then input your ping period in the “Period”, i.e. 1200 AND BE SURE TO TAB. (This sends the change property setting.) I would recommend you insert a small ping period to begin with and watch the app to see if it pings your device. The icon on the app should turn red if it registers your device. Then reset your period to 1200.

  6. At this point, I refresh the page again. After the page reloads, check the settings that you input.

It may be a little late to reply on this post, but since no solution has been confirmed, I’ll give my view.

I just installed the plugin and it works well on my vera3 with UI5.
Looking at the picture I see the address field includes “http://” and that should be removed.

Hope this helps…