Progressive migration from VeraPlus to Ezloplus

I want to make a progressive migration from my VeraPlus to EzloPlus. I see that there is a lot of features on Ezlo that are not working very well (My configuration is in French Canadian and the most of the features and plugins in Ezlo seems to be tested only in English USA). For Example, my integration with Alexa in VeraPlus is working very well with the plugin manually installed from GitHub; I have the ability to set the language to fr,CA but on Ezlo, only English seems to be supported without the flexibility to change those parameters.

So, I would like to send some request from my Vera to Ezlo to synchronize the home status (Home, Away, Night and Vacation). What is the best way to do that ? I don’t find any features allowing those controllers to talk to each other.

@Raynald_Gelinas ,

To synchronize devices you can utilize the hub API locally. Via Lua scripting.
There are examples from our users as plugins

Take a look and let us know if you want further assistance pls

Is there an easy way to connect Ezlo SSH session over Windows explorer ?
I tried different solutions like WINSCP and SSHFS but I always received the access denied even if I use the good root credentials.

Hello @Raynald_Gelinas,

You should be able to ssh into an Ezlo controller from the Windows command line even, provided you have no AP isolation enabled or that you’re within the same network segment.

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Thanks but it’s working fine now… just have to change the communication protocol to SCP and not SFTP thru WinSCP.

Correct, the controller supports SCP only.