Programming help needed

I need a copy and paste code that would allow a scene that when the remote button is pressed it would unlock the door but only for 30 seconds and then lock it again. Is that possible? It would be similar to when someone enteres there code to get in the door.

Not sure if this would work but you could create 2 scenes for that action. The first would unlock the door and the second would lock it with a 30 second delay (Lock door after 30 Sec). I would try it (and let me know if it works :wink: ).

I don’t have a lock but I would imagine you should be able to automate that by just using the advanced tab of a scene. I use it to sequence timed events for my AV gear.

You click the Scenes button, create a new scene, and under commands, find your lock, in the first drop down box, select unlock; in the second dropdown box select 30 seconds; in the third drop down box select lock.

This seems too simple not to figure out on your own, so am I answering the right question?