Programming an IF THEN for 3in1 motion

Hey all, new to the Z Wave/vera system but am very interested in it!

I have a client that wants a few lights in the foyer to turn on, but I want to give the “command” some logic. I am using a EZmotion 3-in-1 motion sensor. One of its 2in1 features is a light sensor level, so I thought it would be cool to tell the foyer lights if light level =< 30 (for example) then dim up chandelier to 90% and foyer pot lights to say 70%.

Thanks in advance and if you have any good links for programming examples, I’d love to view them!!



Do the lights need to come on based on motion and light level, or just the light level?

Hi, yes, on motion and if light level below x

OK, in that case, you could just configure the sensor to not send a trigger when the light level is below 30, on the [tt]Device Options[/tt] tab. Did you consider that?

If you need the motion trigger to reach Vera regardless of light level, because you also have scenes that do something based on that (e.g. if it also serves as a security sensor), you’d need to do some programming; or @futzle’s Combination Switch may do the trick now.