Program ZWave.Me with switch for jacuzzi

I ?am new in this forum and also quite new in programming of Micasaverde and therefore I have this question. I ?am using the VeraLite 1.5.622 firmware UI5 with Aeon micro switches and a ZWave.Me Temperature Sensor.
I want to make a scene but don?t know how to do this. The function needs to be:
press on the scene and it will switch on the micro switch, when the temp sensor has reached a pre set high temperature 30 degree the switch will go of. When the temperature is going down 1 degree the switch will turn on again so it keeps the temperature on the pre set temperature of 30 degree. when pressing the scene again it will switch will switch of and the temperature will drop until it reaches an lower pre set temperature of 20 degree and stays on that temperature.