Program to learn IR codes

I found a really handy tool for the USB-UIRT to learn pronto codes than can then be imported into plugins.

Presuming you have a windows PC (or windows as a VM?); download the windows USB-UIRT drivers then download the following program:

Its very easy to use and I captured a couple of codes, imported them into an existing plugin (using the instructions on the wiki) that I re-uploaded and it worked really well!

I’m curious if there’s any way to export codes from Harmony remote… besides the manual learning?

That would be pretty nice and it would mean that I’d at least get some use out of my 890 now! However they might be in a proprietary format.

I think my Harmony may soon be eBay or Craigslist bound…

I actually find Harmony far superior to anything else - also because of their codes repository and easiness of setting it up with multiple devices. I hope Vera will come at least a bit closer to that level of convenience.

I’ve pretty much gotten SQ remote and vera working together through a mixture of RS232 and USB-UIRT IR plugins for my TV / Receiver , HDMI matrix switch and all sources. Using an iPad, it kicks some serious Harmony butt! Other than Macro support in SQ remote it works great and macros can still be added through Vera’s Scene advanced tab anyway; its just a bit of lengthy setup.

Right, but you have to learn codes, it seems a lot of work to me…

You’re saying iPad is the prime remote - what do you do if someone takes iPad out of the house… how do others control AV then?
Or you have a pile of iPads for everyone?

iPad always stays in the house and is primarily Daddies overpriced remote, my wife has an iPhone and my daughter is only 4 days old and doesn’t care at the moment :slight_smile: