Program Light to Turn Off and Back On Every X Minutes

Is there a way to have something automatically turn off and back on every 10 minutes? Say if I enabled a scene, it would continue to turn off and back on every 10 minutes until I turn the scene off.

I have flood lights on a Z-wave enabled on off switch. I already have a scene and schedule so they turn on of the evening and have their own motion sensors. But what I’d like to be able to do is if I’m outside and want them to stay on constantly. When they are initially turned on they stay on for 15 minutes. So if I could get them to automatically turn off and back on every 10 minutes they would always be on except for that 2 seconds that they turn off and back on.

It was hard for me to follow your description …
But I am sure you can do this with the Program Logic Event Generator (PLEG) plugin.

This thread could have the Lua code modified to do what you want:,3015.0.html

Thanks! Both options worked once configured correctly!

Appreciate it!

I don’t know if you are in the US or not but most regular motion-sensor outdoor floodlights sold in the US at big box stores have an override where if you switch them off for a few seconds and on again they stay on all night. The manual for the lights would have more information, and if you don’t have the manual but can at least identify the make and model you can probably download the manual from the manufacturer’s web site. Turning the power on and off every 10 mins just to workaround the motion sensor doesn’t seem like the best solution to me as it would probably increase the wear and tear on the sensor and the bulbs, but if it works for you then great.

I want the motion sensor function to stay working as they are automatically turn on every night and light up when the coyotes, deer, and bear come through. However, if I’m outside after dark and want them to stay on whole time I’d like to be able to make them stay on. I’ll check the manual on the new lights I just purchased. I’m going to replace all my existing lights as the motion sensor covers are a bit weathered and don’t always pick up motion. Again appreciate everyone’s help.