Problems with my thermostat on my Vera and alexa

So I actually have an old RS485 thermostat that I have bridged with MySensors to integrate into my Vera controller. The bridge controller I built myself and the thermostat was working fine with the Vera. The problem I ran into was that the microcontroller died and I had to flash a new one. Because of that I had to do a re-discovery of the node through the MySensors plugin and delete the old one. I also had to delete the old one from the alexa device list. In the Vera device list itself, the thermostat shows up and I can control it fine. The problem is that when I try to pair that with Alexa for that to be able to discover the device it doesn’t show up in the device list for me to select it as a device visible by Alexa. How does the Vera create the device list for Alexa and what would be the possible reasons why it does not show up in the list?

The devices should just appear eventually. It can take some time however.

If the device is added to the Vera controller as a Thermostat device? Then that is a supported device and in the “Manage Alexa” portal page, it should appear under the HVAC section.

Hello @dbemowsk,

@cw-kid is correct, and you can also try saying “Alexa, rediscover devices.”

Yes thats correct once you have selected the device in the portal pqge and saved

Then ask Alexa to discover devices.