Problems Setting Up Leviton Serial Interface

I am having problem getting a Leviton VRC0P Serial Interface to properly join my network. I currently have approx 20 Zwave lights and am able to heal the network without any errors.

I am performing the following steps when attempting to add the serial interface.

  1. I place the Vera2 into Zwave learn mode with the battery attachment

  2. I hold the green LED on the front of the Leviton Serial Interface until it glows orange (program mode). The Vera2 blicks rapidly for a short period.

  3. I plug the Vera back in and see that the Serial Interface is getting errors while the Vera attempts to configure it. Specifically “error in getting the name”

I have tried to deregister the serial interface, reset the serial interface and re-add on the Vera with the same results.

Has anyone had any luck with this unit? I essentially want to add the Serial Interface as a secondary controller so that my alarm panel can turn some lights on and off.

I believe at least @ASIHome has experience with the VRC0P.