Problems integrating DCS-2330L camera?

Hi folks, has anyone tried or been able to get the DCS-2330L outdoor camera working? I can’t seem to find a way to pass the username and password to the camera via the URL, and can’t disable http authentication. It’s basic authentication not form based and so I can’t snoop for POST commands to find out what the site is looking for.

I did notice that only the DLink pages (html and js) seem to require a password (after SSH’g into the device) as I was able to upload a test webpage and it didn’t ask for any authentication. All other DLink files in the web, jpg/gif/text/etc, don’t require any authentication.

This is being integrated into Vera3 with UI5.



I just purchased and haven’t figured this out… Per D-Link’s forum, one of the posts states you can’t integrate with Vera. If there isn’t a solution, I’m taking the two I purchased back.

Picking this one up as i just got the camera in to the list in UI7.

It doesn’t seem to be stable though, it sends live stream for 3 seconds, the halts and “loses connection”.

Any Ideas? The camera doesn’t appear correctly in either VeraMobile or ImperiHome either…

Open up your choices, flexibility and useability and use Blue Iris with IP Cams and the Blue Iris Plugin in Vera.

Well, i suppose i need to get the camera working first…