Problems including inovelli (red) dimmer switch to a new ezlo plus

  1. i think i’m correct in that i HAVE to use an app to configure the ezloplus, i’m not seeing support for it on is that correct that i should be using the app and not use the website?

using the app i am selecting generic z-wave device then putting the switch in paring mode. my ezlo plus (connected wirelessly) is located inches from the switch. it only works about once every 20 attempts to pair, but when it does work, it’s instant (ie waiting the whole 60 seconds won’t help if it doesn’t pair in the first 5 seconds (in my experience), it’s not going to.

  1. however when it does work, the first screen i see is asking about security setup. i can click ‘advanced’ and all 3 security methods are checked. whether i leave all checked or uncheck them all, when i press ‘continue’, it says please wait and a spinner that never goes away. i’ve waited over 15 mintues. i have to forcequit the app. any ideas how to get past that security setup screen?

I had a ge/enbrighten in-wall switch that did the same thing when pairing. I excluded and included it a number of times cause even when it would get added, the functionality was off/inconsistent. I tried added it with and without the security features. Both did not really work correctly. I believe this device was also causing portions of my scenes not to work.

As soon as I removed it and purchased and installed another switch (new), all the issues went away. The switch is 100% working , scenes are working 100% and no more issues.

So far, I’ve had a few devices that when using the security setup it took numerous tries to get them to work right. Of the three, the one mentioned early was the only one that I’ve had to replace.

Real sad part, when migrating from Vera Plus to Ezlo Plus, I had two devices go into the death clicking mode when trying to include them into ezlo plus. I guess it was time for them to give up the ghost. Fortunately, I contacted ge/jasco and got warranty replacements.

I also have several of those-Still not ready…so far not having a lot of pair or integration success…I am just waiting…hopefully all will be solved soon!?

I still have my tickets pending so maybe by end of year!

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