Problems Adding Zigbee 3.0 Devices

Alright, so just upgraded to Vera Plus because my old controller couldn’t use Zwave Plus and Zigbee… When ordering, I just saw that the Vera Plus supports Zigbee, and I didn’t see any restrictions there, I was assuming they supported the latest versions… Unfortunately I order some INNR SP 224 - Zigbee smart outlets. I tried to ensure they were Zigbee certified, which they are, 3.0 certified, however nothing happens after multiple times of trying to add the devices.

I spoke with vera support, found out they just support HA 1.2? Which, when I look around online is not even very clear which Zigbee devices support that protocol vs others. Awaiting to hear back if I have to scrap these or if Vera is going to upgrade to supporting 3.0. I hope it doesn’t require a hardware change or I’ll need to return this new Vera Plus…

Anyone have thoughts on this or heard anything about the update?

Vera Plus doesn’t support Zigbee 3.0 as you have discovered.

However hopefully it will support it in the future when the new Ezlo / Vera firmware is released, assuming the onboard Zigbee chip will support the newer Zigbee stack.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Vera is able to add the INNR SP 224, even though it’s 3.0 and should be as the article states backwards compatible… Vera Plus doesn’t recognize it when I try to add the device. I hope you’re right about it supporting it with an update vs new hardware req.

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I’m thinking of buying these :

Tuya ZigBee Smart LED Light Bulb Gu10 4W-Spotlight APP Control For Alexa Google~

They are Zigbee 3.0… will they work?