Problems accessing Public Calendars - token error code HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

Good morning,
I’m trying to set up Gcal3 to access a few different public calendars. One, is a public calendar for my daughter’s school district. I want to be able to search for “Schools Closed” as a gc_Keyword, however, I can’t even get that far. When I put the public calendar’s URL into the Calendar ID field, I get a token error code: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request in Next Event.

The subscription URL is

I also tried another public ICS for Federal Holidays, and I’m getting the same result. These should both be uncredentialled calendars.

Any advise?

Okay, I think I sort of found the problem, but it sort of still persists.

I discovered that the switch needed to be armed for one. I also appear to have to remove https:// from the Calendar ID field. This does permit GCal3 to fetch the calendar.

The problem I’m seeing now, is that after some period of time, The same HTTP/1.1 Bad Request shows back up.

When I go into Variables, the events do show, so I appear to be able to fetch those events in Reactor, but I’m wondering if this is expected behavior, or there is a bug in the plugin, or if I’m doing something wrong.

I’ve attached the log file from one of these instances in Zip format. (3.4 KB)


@Stuart. Any ideas what is causing this issue?

Sorry I can help much with the GCAL3, as I don’t use it, but a few old plugins suffered from still using http, when they needed to be updated to make https call.

As for the open .ics file, I have used this before, and have been working on some updates, if your interested…

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