Problem with widget (scene) activation when not on local network.

I sent this into Imperihome as a trouble report… but have not heard a peep. Posting it here in case someone has a solution or they decide to vist their forum.
This is happening in both the beta release and the public release.

Found a problem launching a scene from a widget while not on local network.

If I try to launch a scene while on same net as Vera, it works great. (whether Imperihome is running in the background in Android or not)

If on 3G/4G and launch same scene, it the widget says it did it, but it really didn’t.

However, if I start up Imperihome Pro while on 3G/4G, wait for the spinner to stop (as in connected and authenticated, which takes a few seconds), then leave it running in background the widget executes the scene just fine.

Seems when running a scene from a widget that the app should check if its actually connected, if not do that and then execute, rather than just printing out the it launched the scene.

I love the beta version, but this problem was also in the general release version and would be great if it was corrected. Nothing like hitting a widget to turn on air conditioning only to find it never worked when you get home. Not much point in a widget on screen when you actually have to open the app to run scene, or open app, leave in background and then use the widget.