Problem with NodOn buttons


I newly bought a Vera Plus, a z-wave dimmer and a NodOn-buttons (Model: CWS-3-1-00).

I have successfully paired the Vera to both devices, and I have also full controll of the dimmer. From Veras interfaces I can controll the light in the room.

But I have not succeeded to get any reactions from the buttons on the NodOn device. I have tried to change the virtual lamp devices, or tried just to get a notification when the button is pressed. But nothing happends!

I have tried with lamp buttons number 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4.

I will attach a picture of my (at the moment two) scenes, and how the first scene looks like. In the scene list it says “last run” and some date, but that was when I manually pressed on the run button. Why does not this scene runs when I press the button?

Not a single answer? :frowning: Can someone at least please tell me if it looks that I have the configuration right?

It looks right


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