Problem with my Dimmer Relay

Hi People,

I have been using Vera Lite for a week now. I set up a Fibaro wall plug and a Door/Window sensor. Both operate very well. But now I am having some problems.

My third device was a Fibaro motion sensor, which does not work well. Some older posts in this forum said this could happen as there is a compatibility issue. So I moved to my next device.

A Dimmer Relay, belonging to a brand called Comax Security. The device is added to the network and I can see it in my Dashboard. But when I try to turn on or off the dimmer it says “error 2: unable to get information on node dimmer” or “zwave dimmer module failed to configure”. What could be the reason? How do i get the dimmer to work?
PS: I have the dimmer and Veralite controller placed 3 feet from each other.