Problem with luup.call_timer using Day of week on UI7


I am using luup.call_timer to run a routine daily. That worked just fine on UI6, but now I ported the same code to UI7 and the function is called for two or three days and then stops until I reload my Vera again. Quite annoying I can tell you.

local res = luup.call_timer("rbWinCov_AutoControlDaily", 2, "07:30:30", "1,2,3,4,5,6,7", "")

Anyone having a similar issue or sees what I could be doing wrong?

Cheers Rene

That would be a serious problem for PLEG,
I have not seen any reports on UI7 that look like that.
Most of the problems are saving changes.

I know. I also have one that is scheduled for just one day a week, so the Days value is just “4” and that keeps going like clockwork. That is why I don’t get it.

Cheers Rene