Problem with continuous notifications --

I am using an EVL2 and Vista 20P with an Ademco 5816 wireless transmitter with both zones enabled on a french door as an entry sensor, and it constantly triggers a notification when the door is open. Either or both doors open triggers the constant notifications. My 5814 sensors work fine, but the 5816 seems to keep triggering notifications. ( I am using the latest version 4.22 for the EVL3. UI7 Veralite. Also using latest versions of Veralerts app, and Veramate Alerts app )

Any ideas ?


Update –

Now when the 5816 trips, it is also causing me to get repeated notifications from my wired sensors on a different house zone… must be something to do with Zone 1, Zone 2 both being enabled on the 5816 causing the EVL3 to go nuts ?

I also experienced this on a new installation on UI7 which was previously working fine on UI5. I ended up turning off notifications in the UI. They continued for quite a while but eventually stopped. Now I get no notifications whatsoever. It’s clearly a problem that wasn’t present in earlier versions. No time to dig into it right now - already spent a ton of time working around all the bugs to get it up and running. I may go back to an earlier version. Not as feature rich but these later versions have a lot of issues and since I haven’t developed for Vera for a couple of years it’s not clear what is a Vera bug and what is a plug-in bug and that will take time to spin up on.


Just a follow-up on my previous post. For whatever reason, after it purged all the notifications it’s working fine now. Aside from those start-up problems I have to commend Cybermage on his efforts which is substantial. Previous to this upgrade I had been using a version of the AD2USB version that I had modified myself to work with EVL-3 which wasn’t nearly as nice as Cybermage’s.