Problem when calling a scene from external

Hi all,

Since a few days, I’ve got a problem with my Vera Plus (firmware 1.7.2138) when I want to trigger a scene from external.
I’ve got Kodi on a raspberry and I install the Vera plugin. I can trigger a scene when Kodi is an a specific state.
For example, I want to turn off lights when a movie start. This worked fine till a few days. Now the scene seems to be trigged randomly : sometimes it works, sometimes not.
I’ve got the same problem with a IPX module : I can send a push when a state of the IPX change. The push is to launch a Vera scene.
Same problem : it works fine till a few days but now it works randomly.
I reset my Vera to the default settings and restored a backup. But this problem continues.
Is this a problem of very or something else ? What can I do ?

Thanks for your answer.